Amongst the various ways to perform funeral rites, the methods to take care of the dead bodies either tend to be a simple burial or a cremation – that is, the turning of the said body into ash – of the body. Cremating the bodies of departed relative to turn them into ashes has been quite a common practice in the ancient world, and persists to be one in the modern world.
Cremation is often a better alternative to burying dead bodies (which need a dedicated plot of land for burial), and cremated ashes can actually be used to do quite a variety of things to commemorate and honour the dead, ranging from storing the ashes in urns or mixed in vinyl records to even turning said ashes to diamond. Here is a list describing a few of these activities, examples included:

• Scattering – The default option that most people seem to take is to have their ashes scattered somewhere they want. Most of the times, they may choose either a location of interest, such a big tree, the ocean, on hilltops, flower beds or somewhere in their plot of land. Since this process is not really troublesome nor it is difficult to do for the people involved, it is no surprise to see it as the top choice, unoriginal as it may be.

• Storing – Storing the ashes of departed relatives is a common practice in some oriental countries. Other than keeping them at home, you can choose to store them in a place specifically designated for this task, known as a columbarium. Simply put, a columbarium is similar to a mausoleum storing dead bodies, with the difference being that cremation ashes diamond are stored instead of bodies.

• Buried in a Coral Reef – A somewhat more exotic alternative to using your ashes. This method usually consists of ashes being mixed with cement used to make blocks and structure to enhance the growth of already existing natural coral reefs or to make an artificial one. One good thing about this is that you donating to a just cause, to help endangered species of fish have a better home. Visit for further information regarding ashes diamond.

• As Ornaments – If you want to have the remains of your loved ones close to you at all times, encasing some of the ashes inside pieces of jewellery might be the right choice for you. If you think encasing remains is not enough, why not simply turn the cremated remains into a diamond? Even though they are made from ashes, diamonds resulting from this process are just the same as any other kind of synthetic diamond out there, making them perfect for making all kinds of jewellery!

• Made into Fireworks – If you want to hold a special event or display in memory of somebody you recently lost, consider turning some of the cremated ashes into fireworks. There are a few companies willing to carry out the task of packing these ashes into commercial grade fireworks for you to use at an event. The price varies according to what you want and the size of the fireworks display, but this can be an excellent idea for hosting both small private memorials and even ones on a large scale.