Are you looking for a different theme when it comes to decorating your home? what about making it look like it is straight out f a different era? Here are a few tips on doing so successfully…

Have a care with the furniture you choose

Remember, this is a decision that is going to stick around for a pretty long time, so be very sure you want to do this before you go ahead with this particular theme. Choose the thin, legged furniture, much like that of Scandinavian designs. Opt for breakfast bars, and stools instead of a kitchen table. Of course, this depends on how large your family is. As an alternative to opting for vintage style furniture, you can also opt to choose regular style furniture, and get their upholstery changed to suit this style.

It’s all about the colors

Remember those pinup girl clothing; and how colorful they were? Well, the homes in that era were not that much different. From lemon yellow sofas and cushions to teal blue easy chairs, there is quite a lot that you can choose from. If you are planning on having this theme all through your home, instead of one specific part of your home, then do consider coloring your kitchen cabinet doors in bright colors as well. we personally love reds or sunshine yellow for this. As for the bedrooms, everybody’s favorite peaches and pinks work brilliantly for this theme.

Short skirts and short curtains

Short skirts are rather popular when it comes to shopping for amazing retro clothing online. But did you know that short curtains were also as popular for the homes? Whether it is for the kitchen curtains, or the bedroom drapes or even for the living room, you could decide to shorten the length of your materials to make your theme stand out. The frills or ruffles on top add a charming look to the kitchen windows, while floral material or checks also work brilliantly to bring out your theme.

The floors and your carpets

Let’s not forget the floors and the carpets in when thinking of themed homes. As for this particular theme, large, blank and white checks seem to work rather brilliantly; especially for kitchens. But if you are not much of a fan of the checked floors, then even wooden floors suit this theme rather well. Shining terrazzo floors look very pretty for bedroom floors as well as for living room floors. If you like using carpets, and you are living in a suitable environment for it, you can opt for the traditional floral prints, as well as the more modern